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Real Estate Photography & Videography

If you are a Real Estate Agent in the Grand Forks North Dakota or in Fargo / Moorhead area. You know that the market has changed in the last 10 years.

Buyers: The days of buyers calling to be driven around the city all day to find that perfect house are gone. In today’s market buyers do all their homework online and when you get the call it is because they have seen the listing online and the pictures that went with it. Wether you are in Grand Forks, Fargo, Or Moorhead an online presence of your listing is even more important than ever with a steady growth of new comers to town these potential buyers are doing 80% of their shopping online looking at pictures and video of houses and making decisions without even walking into the home. The amount of calls you get on a listing can be greatly increased with professional real estate photography and video services. In the past 5 years the American Real Estate Society has published many reports that have proven houses sit on the market for less time and bring in higher sale prices when professional real estate photography and video is involved.

Sellers: In today’s market setting yourself apart from other agents is what the game is all about. Show your venders that you give them the best services for you commissions by offering professional real estate photography and videography. Venders want to know they are getting the best service for their money. Using professional real estate photography and videography shows your venders that you are the best using the best and are increasing the chances of a sale and faster turn around times on the market.

We Are: Not just photographers and videographers. We know the business and we know the market. We understand what you have to do to sell a house and keep your venders happy. We are here to help. Along with our affordable website services we also are an affordable real estate photography and video production company. Many companies across the states are charging hundreds and even thousands of dollars for professional real estate photography and video. We are bringing the same services, the same quality, at a fraction of the price to Grand Forks, Fargo, & Moorhead.

We provide 24 hour turn around on most photos.


Real Estate Virtual Tours

Show Off Your Real Estate Photos With our Whole New System.

  • Full Screen Photo Slide Show
  • Responsive Layout That Works Beautifully On Mobile Devices & Tablets
  • virtual tourFull Control Of The Order Of Your Photos
  • Control Over The Labels On Your Photos
  • Control Over The Music (Over 40+ Tracks Available)
  • Embeded Link To The MLS Listing
  • Easy Embeding Into Your Own Website
  • Branded and Unbranded Options That Follow Regulations Set Fourth By MLS
  • Easy Social Media Sharing
  • Amazing Share By Email Layout
  • Shows Nearby Schools
  • Trackable Stats 
  • Grand Forks North Dakota
  • Fargo North Dakota
  • Moorhead Minnesota